Montlouis French winesChinon white is extremely rare. It is a fresh and pleasant French wine. Drinking temperature for this French wine: 50-53.6°F (10-12°C).



Sparkling Montlouis French WinesThis sparkling wine is usually produced semi-sweet. In the really best years a full sweet Montlouis can be made. There is also a dry Montlouis. The better Montlouis wines can be laid down for some time. Non sparkling Montlouis is elegant, refined, and fruity. Drink a dry (sec) at 8- 10°C (46.4-50.0°F) , the semi or sweet Montlouis (moelleux) at 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C) . There are two different sparkling Montlouis wines: Mousseux and Petillant.

Both make excellent aperitifs. The Petillant is lower in carbonic acid gas. Drinking temperature for this French wine: 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C).



Dry and sweet Vouvray French winesPerhaps the best-known French wine from Vouvray is the semi-sweet (demi-sec) sparkling wine made by the traditional method.

This French wines from Vouvray are recognised by a great assortment of ripe fruit aromas (plum and quince) and also by honey. Both sweet and dry Vouvray whites are also sometimes made and a first class Vouvray can be kept and better enjoyed when really old. Drinking temperature for this French wine: 46.4-50°F (8-10°C) .

Demi-sec or moelleux Vouvray is also drunk at 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C). The dry sparkling (Mousseux Brut) is a first class aperitif. Drinking temperature: 44.6-48.2°F (7-9°C) . Its demi-sec kin can also be served as an aperitif but is more of a wine to serve with food.



This is not a spelling mistake! The river known as Le Loir combines with the rivers Mayenne, Oudon, and Sarthe to join the river known as La Loire south of Angers. The hills on both banks of the Loir produce white, rose, and red French wines. The white wine is made exclusively from Chenin Blanc (Pineau Blanc de la Loire) and is very fruity (apricot, peach, and exotic fruit) plus a suggestion sometimes of something smoky. It is a fine and well-balanced French wine. Drink this French wine at 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C).    

The rose from here is fresh and fruity with characteristic spicy aroma. Drinking temperature for this rose French wine: 50-53.6°F (10-12°C). The red CÔTEAUX du Loir is produced from Pineau d'Aunis, Gamay, or Cabernet Pranc. It is a light, fruity wine with a hint of spice. Drink this French wine at 53.6-57.2°F (12-14°C).