The vineyards of the Côteaux du Giennois are situated on the best gravel and chalk-bearing hills along both banks of the Loire between Gien to slightly north of Pouilly-sur-Loire. The traditional grape varieties are grown here: Sauvignon Blanc for white wines with Gamay and Pinot Noir for both rose and red wines.

Côteaux du Giennois white is a fresh and easily consumed wine with generous nose of citrus fruit, white fruits, gooseberry, blackcurrant, quince, pineapple, white flowers, and light vegetal notes. Drinking temperature for Côteaux de Giennois French wine: 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C).

Côteaux du Giennois rose is light and fresh, fruity, and lithe French wine. Drinking temperature this French wine: 50-53.6°F (10-12°C).

Côteaux du Giennois red combines the finesse in its bouquet of Pinot Noir with the playful generosity of Gamay. The scent is seductive with aromas of fresh fruits such as cherry, blackberry, strawberry, and bilberry, while the taste is quite mild. Drink this French wine at 53.6-57.2°F (12-14°C) .



Pouilly sur Loire is a town on the Loire, to the east of the well-known Sancerre vineyards. Two wines originate from here: the famous Pouilly Pume (see below) and the Pouilly sur Loire. Both wines are exclusively white and they originate from similar chalk-bearing soil. The different between this French wines is the grapes used. Pouilly Pume is made solely with Sauvignon Blanc while Pouilly sur Loire uses Chasselas grapes. Anyone who regards the Chasselas grape as less worthy should visit Pouilly sur Loire in order to sample the local wine.

Pouilly Fume French winePouilly sur Loire is very fresh and aromatic with characteristic nose in which hazelnut, dried fruit, white flowers, citrus fruit, exotic fruit, and sometimes also a hint of menthol or anise can be detected. This French wine leaves a pleasing fresh impression in the mouth which is reminiscent of ripe oranges. Drinking temperature as aperitif for this French wine: 46.4-48.2°F (8- 9°C), or 50°F (10°C) with food.



The description 'fume' or smoked does not refer to smoky undertones in the wine as many people think but to the ashen grey film that is commonly seen on the grapes here so that they appear to have a deposit upon them.

This white French wine from the Sauvignon grape is very fresh and aromatic. Hints of green asparagus, box, blackcurrant, broom, white roses, acacia, white peach, and aniseed can be detected in its nose. In short this is a truly wonderful French wine with a rich and powerful taste. Drinking temperature for this French wine: 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C).