This Slovenian wines are made from Sauvignon Blanc throughout Slovenia and these sell well and quickly yet few of them are worthwhile. The exception to this is the Sauvignon Blanc of Ljutomersko-Ormoske, especially from the previously mentioned cooperative. Gooseberry, hay and grass, asparagus, citrus fruit, and a hint of smoke in the background can all be discerned in this wine that resembles a very good Sancerre. This Slovenian wine is so smooth it is almost like salve yet it remains extremely fresh and aromatic. Drinking temperature for this Slovenian wine is 8-10°C (46.4-50°F).

Further excellent dry white wines are also made from varieties such as Renski Riesling (Rhine Riesling), Laski Riesling (Welsch Riesling), and Sipon. You may find fine medium dry to semisweet whites like those of Sivi Pinot, Rulandec, Chardonnay, Zeleni Silvanec, Traminer, and Muskat Otonel. Tasting a medium dry Chardonnay takes some getting used to but the sunny, very aromatic, fulsome, and warm taste even convinces died-in-the-wool Chardonnay enthusiasts. Slovenian wines made from late harvested grapes of excellent quality include Pozna Trgatev made from Chardonnay, Laski Riesling (Welsch Riesling), Renski Riesling (Rhine Riesling), and Sauvignon Blanc, the Jagodni Izbor (Beerenauslese) made from Sipon, and Ledeno Vino (Eiswein) using Laski Riesling (Welsch Riesling). Despite their very sweet nature, these Slovenian wines are unbelievably fresh due to the fine acidity which is characteristic of this area.

Maribor Slovenian Wine

slovenian wine images The oldest vines in the world may well be those of Maribor, if we are to believe the Slovenians. Some 35 litres of wine are still made each year from vines that are 450 years old. The variety is Kölner Blauer or Zametna Crnina in the local language, meaning ‘black velvet’. This very special Slovenian wine is bottled in miniatures that are sold with a certificate of authenticity. This is a highly desirable item for collectors of wine curios. In addition to this rarity there are also excellent fresh and elegant white Slovenian wines made here from grapes such as Laski Riesling (Welsch Riesling), Renski Riesling (Rhine Riesling), Sivi Pinot, Zeleni Silvanec, Traminer, and Rumeni Muskat. The local Sauvignon Blanc is perhaps less pronounced than that of Ljutomersko-Ormoske, but it is certainly of high quality. Maribor also produces excellent Slovenian wines made from late picked grapes such as their Izbor (Auslese), Jagodni Izbor (Beerenauslese), Suhi Jagodni Izbor (Trocken Beerenauslese), and Ledeno Vino (Eiswein). A number of fresh and light red Slovenian wines are made here as well from varieties like Portugalka, Kraljevina, Modra Frankinja and Zametovka. Drinking temperature for this Slovenian wine is 12-14°C (53.6-57.2°F).


Haloze Slovenian wine

Almost exclusively white Slovenian wines are made from the hills of Haloze, on the border with Croatia. The chalk soil imparts great beauty and elegance to these wines. These are further examples of Slovenian wines that are totally underestimated by the European wine buyers. The prices for the quality is extraordinarily low for this Slovenian wines that are so completely western European in character. The best of the whites are made from Laski Riesling (Welsch Riesling), Sipon, Beli Pinot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Sivi Pinot, Renski Riesling (Rhine Riesling), Rumeni Muskat, and Traminer. Haloze also produces some light reds from Modri Pinot and Modra Frankinja that are pleasing but not truly spectacular. This Slovenian wines made from late picked grapes such as Pozne Trgatve, Izbori, Jagodni Izbori, Suhi Jagodni Izbori, and Ledeno Vino are very good.

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