Certain of the volcanoes such as Mount Etna and Stromboli are still active. Sicily is a land of great contrasts. Hence the pampered holidaymaker can go skiing in the early morning on the highest mountains and swim in the afternoon in the warm sea and enjoy the many beaches. While life on the island is much as throughout southern Italy, the landscape and weather have more in common with the coast of North Africa.

Sicily is one of the largest wine producing regions of Italy but the inhabitants here drink less than elsewhere in Italy so that the Sicilian wine industry is heavily dependant on export. No effort or money has been spared in recent years to expand these exports and the wine industry on the island has undergone a major revolution in the past twenty years. The full-bodied and sultry sweet Muscat and Marsala wines which were once the island’s pride have been improved where possible, while new modem-style wines have been increasingly marketed. In addition to the famous DOC wines huge quantities are also made here of excellent Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IDG) and Vini da Tavola.

Sicily Italian Map