Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC

The name implies this wine is made with Nebbiolo grapes from the area of Alba. What it does not say is that Nebbiolo d'Alba tastes great, with a full rounded and velvet smooth flavour with a long finish.

Check the label before opening for in addition to this delicious dry wine there is also a sweet amabile version which can be extremely sweet.

There is also a spumante. The dry wine is worth the necessary additional maturing in before opening. If you buy a top year's vintage this wine can almost achieve the levels of a good Barbaresco or Gattinara.

Drink at 55 .4- 59°F (13- 15°C ) dry or  42.8-48.2°F (6- 9°C) for sweet or sparkling.



Once again this is an excellent red wine made from Nebbiolo from the hills around Sizzano. This wine is less full and powerful than a Barolo or Barbaresco but resembles a more delicate and smoother Gattinara with floral undertones of violets instead of the Italian culinary herbs that characterise a Barolo or Barbaresco. This wine requires at least three years maturing before it can be sold. Drinking temperature  57.2-60.8°F (14-16°C) .


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