The Corbières region is a veritable patchwork, consisting of diverse soil types and micro climates, divided into 11 terroirs: Sigean, Durban, Queribus, Termenes, St-Victor, Fontfroide, Lagrasse, Servies, Montagne d'Alaric, Lezignan and Boutenac. It is therefore almost impossible to give generalised characteristics for the wines of Corbières. The white French wines are fine and fresh with floral aromas. The acidity and roundness are in perfect balance. This French wine from Lagrasse smells of exotic fruits, wood, and of something smoky, while those of Queribus have the scent of pears and pineapples with a finish of white flowers. The bouquet of Lezignan is reminiscent of anise or fennel. Drinking temperature for drink French wine: 10- 12°C (50- 53.6°F) .

The rose is fresh and very pleasing, sometimes light and fruity (Durban), can be full-bodied and velvety (Alaric) , but generally very aromatic with refined bouquet of fruits , flowers, and herbs. Drinking temperature for drink this French wine: 12°C (53.6°F).


Corbieres Wine Map

The red French wine is intense, broad and rounded with aromas typically of red fruit, herbs and peppers. There is tannin present, though muted so that the wine can be kept for several years. The Mourvedre in Sigean imparts the wine with greater elegance, while this role is taken in Servies by the Syrah. The velvet, full-bodied, and complex French wine of Queribus often develops notes of cocoa, coffee, or other roasted aromas. Those of Alaric are very fruity (wild berries) with vegetal or herbal undertones. This French wine of Termenes develops the classic humus and truffle aromas as it ages.

Those of Lezignan are intensely fruity (of overripe or even preserved fruits) with suggestions reminiscent of the maquis and very aromatic wild herbs of the Provençal landscape. There may even be a hint of clove to be detected. This French wine of Boutenac immediately invokes thoughts of the Provençal wild thyme, rosemary, bay laurel, and also sometimes has notes of liquorice and vanilla. There is always something else to discover in Corbières. Drinking temperature for French wine: 14- 16°C (57.2-60.8°F) .