This widely known wine region stretches itself out along the Saar, Ruwer, and the Mosel rivers, from Saarburg by way of Trier to Koblenz.

The vineyards are sited on steep slopes above the gently curving river Mosel, emanating a scene of timeless tranq uillity. The slopes chiefly consist of slate that is high in minerals, which is good for the wine's finesse. Admittedly not all the wines from this region are worthy of superlatives as unfortunately there are some very modest to almost undrinkable 'sugar' wines or lesser Mosels.

The true Mosel wines are sensational with their rich nose, elegant character, and great class. Mosels come in a wide variety of styles from mellow, fruity, and amenable to more challenging, rich, and extremely aromatic. The best of them are undoubtedly the Rieslings, especially those from the famous wine villages of Bernkastel, Piesport, Wehlen, Brauneberg, Graach, Zeltingen, and Erden. Besides Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and the old-fashioned Elbling thrive here too.



The Ahr is one of Germany's smallest wine regions. It is situated south of Bonn near Bad    NeuenahrAhrweiler. The rugged and impressive Ahr valley is a popular place for both nature lovers and walkers. Once the top of the Eifel has been reached, nothing tastes better than a cool glass of Portugieser red wine. The Ahr is after all a red wine area, although the volcanic origin of the soil, together with lots of slate makes it suitable for making first class whites too. The decision to make red wine though was rather more for economic than viticultural reasons.

So many good white wines are made in Germany that the Ahr region, with a rather limited area available, decided there was more money to be made from planting blue grape varieties.

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 Two blue grape varieties, the Spatburgunder and Portugieser, yield velvet smooth, elegant, and fruity red wines here.

These are complemented by Riesling and MüllerThurgau, which produce elegant, fresh, lively, and very aromatic wines.