How fortified wines are made?

Several fortified wines are a blend of different vintages and different grapes. Maximum number of fortified wines is similar stylistically in their classifications of being prepared into either dry fortified wines of into sweet fortified wines. The determining factor regarding whether or not fortified wines would ultimately lie on sweeter side definitively of wine life or they’ll remain in near company with their several wine cousins as dry fortified wine, primarily is when addition of alcohol also called neutral grape spirits takes place during fermentation.

If a manufacturer wants sweeter fortified wine, then neutral grape spirits will typically be added within first day as well as when half of fermentation is done. After addition of this alcohol to still base wine, yeast will stop converting sugar into alcohol and the remaining grape sugar will be left as residual sugar in the wine. Hence, those who are determined at making dry fortified wine should allow complete fermentation process for running its course as well as consuming remaining sugar and now you add neutral grape spirit to this wine.


Fortified Wine BottlesHow fortified wine gets aged?

Several fortified wines will undergo ageing in wooden casks. Actual aging time is based on fortified wine, but generally cheaper fortified wines will require lesser time to age in oak. Because of this deep wooden aging, several fortified wines get benefitted from aeration and decanting.


What kind of foods can be paired with fortified wines?

This again will depend on the type of fortified wine that one is consuming or serving. Generally, fortified wines are famous for the long-standing contribution of theirs in wine world as a dessert wine option as well as an aperitif option. Different nuts, cheese, chocolate desserts, fruit torts, and cream-based desserts will find magnificent pairing with fortified wines. To know more about fortified wines like Marsala, Madeira, Sherry, or Port pairing with foods, you can read the individual articles on every particular fortified wine.


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