The Aurelius and Pälava grapes were developed here. Trials are currently being run with Malverina, Hybia, Savilon, Kaberon, and other varieties. Müller-Thurgau is highly regarded here for its yellow-green color, characteristic taste of spice and intense nose that is reminiscent of ripe peaches. Pälava is also green-yellow with a spicy and fairly fulsome taste.

The most interesting of the red Czech wines is the Frankovka from Valtice, which has a fulsome taste with sharp acidity and tannin. The color is a bright red and the taste is characteristically of cinnamon. The Mutenice area extends between Hustopece and Hodonin. The best vineyards here are centrally located within the area on slopes. The best-known places are Cejkovice, Mutenice, and Ratiykovice. Both reds and whites are made in this area. The Tramin Cerveny from Mutenice has a golden yellow color and spicy taste and nose. The Rulandskeyede (Grey Rulander) of Ratiykovice is a rare Czech wine with a characteristic bouquet and taste. The Frankovka from Cejkovice is bright red with a fulsome taste and excellent acidity and tannin.

Pinot Blanc Czech WineThe Czech wine area of Velke Pavlovice is situated to the south-east of Brno, on the left bank of the Svratka river. The best-known towns are Velke Pavlovice, Kobyli, and Velke Bilovice. This is mainly a red Czech wine producing area.

The Frankovka here is dry with striking acidity and pleasing bitterness. The Svatovavrinecke is an intense red with a fulsome and velvet-smooth taste and well-balanced acidity and tannin. The nose suggests stone fruit. The Rulandske Modre is a dry ruby red wine with floral nose that after sufficient ageing is reminiscent of stone fruit. There is mild bitterness but the whole is fulsome and harmonious. The Modiy Portugal is a dark red and fresh wine with a coarse taste.

The Znojmo area is in the Dyjsko-Svratecky valley on the Dyje river, bordering Austria in the south of the area. This area has countless wine centres of which Znojmo, Yatov and Novy Yaldorf are the best known. It is a predominantly white wine area and its proximity to Austria manifests itself in similar types and quality of Czech wine.

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