The Strâznice area is situated to the east of Hodonin on the left bank of the Morava, close to the border with Slovakia. The best known Czech wine places from here are Blatnice, Blatnicka, and Strâznice.

The Rulandské Bilé from Strâznice is a green-yellow dry wine which by Czech standards is a top class wine of great character. It is full-bodied and slightly spicy, leaving a prolonged and pleasing aftertaste. This Czech wine has good potential for maturing and certainly acquires greater character with age. The branded Blatnicky Rohâc is made from Ryzlink Rynsky grapes. This Czech wine is pale green-yellow and it has a strikingly fresh bouquet and fulsome taste. The Kyjov area is situated to the east of Brno between the Livava and Kyjovka rivers, to the west of the Bzenec area.

The best known places are Boryov and Kyjov. The vineyards are mainly sited on south facing slopes. Pleasant white and red wines are produced here from grapes such as Miiller-Thurgau and Rulandské Bilé. A new variety of red Czech wine grape, André, is grown here that is a cross between Frankovka and Svatovavrinecké. This produces high acidity and levels of tannin.

Czech WineThe Uherské-Hradiyte area is spread out on the right bank of the Morava, near Chriby in Moravské Slovâcko (Moravian Slovakia). The best known places for Czech wine are Bflovice, Uherske, Hradiyte, and Velehrad. These wines have pronounced acidity and a full-bodied character that is typical of the grapes used. The red Czech wine are deeply coloured with a harmonious balance of tannin and acidity. The Czech wines from Velehrad have good potential for ageing. The Müller-Thurgau wines from Velehrad are yellowish in colour with a pronounced spicy bouquet and rounded taste. The Zweigeltrebe Czech wines are pale ruby with a mild, not oppressive bouquet and pleasing taste that is characteristic.

The Podluzi area is close to Hodonin, and bounded to the east by the Sträznice area and to the west by Mikulov area. The central places here are Hodonin and Dolni Bojanovice. The Veltlin Zeleny (Green Veltliner) from the Nechory vineyards is pale green-yellow, with mildly spicy taste and bouquet, and slightly tart finish.

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