• El Hierro Spanish Wine


    El Hierro wine region

    Hierro Spain WineThis Canarian DO is in the hands of just one cooperative bodega which has certainly finished with the less glorious past history of wine-making on the island. Through the modernisation and replacement of their wine-making equipment and improved methods of vinification an end has been brought here to dirty, non-sterile, and heavily oxidised wine.

    Now they make fine white, rosé and red Spanish wines for local consumption. Traditional wine is still blended from a variety of grapes (white: Listán Blanco (Palomino), Vermejuela, or Bermejuela and Vijariego; rosé and red: Listán Negro or Negramoll. The more modem Spanish wines though are made from a single variety or at most from two. The choice is from the varieties listed above but also includes Pedro Ximénez, Verdello, Breval, Diego, Gual, Malvasia, and Moscatel. Many of the grape varieties used have long since disappeared from the Spanish mainland but they thrive on the volcanic soil.

  • Lazio Wine and Region

    Lazio Italian wine region

    Lazio wine ItalianThe region of Lazio extends from the Apennines, where it borders Umbria, Abruzzi, and Molise, to the Mediterranean. It is bounded to the north by Tuscany and to the south by Campania. The river Tiber plays an important role in the local wine-growing and the capital city of Rome is the region’s largest market. The majority of the vineyards of Lazio are close to Rome. The other Italian wine areas are found near Montefiascone in the north of Lazio, between Rieti and the border with Abruzzi, and north of Frosinone in the south of the region.

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