• Touraine French Wines


    Touraine red gamay French wineThere are nine appellations around the picturesque town of Tours. This French wines are made from the same grapes as those of Anjou-Saumur. The climate here is very mild and moderate. The underlying strata are mainly tufa but calciferous clay and flint are found in some valleys.

    The dry white Touraine is perhaps the most interesting of the French wines from these parts. It is fresh and fruity, with a pronounced nose and abundant character. In contrast to most of the French wines from the area, this one is made with Sauvignon Blanc. Drinking temperature for Touraine French wine: 48.2-50.0°F (9-10°C).

    The red Gamay (Pineau d'Aunis) French wine is light, lithe, and fresh. It is suitable to be drunk with any meal. Drinking temperature for Gamay French wine: 53.6-57.2°F (12-14°C).

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