• Swiss Ticino Wine Region

    Ticino, Mesolcina, and Poschiavo Swiss Wine Regions

    Ticino Wine Swiss RegionIt is not correct to speak of just Ticino as part of Italian speaking Switzerland for parts of Grisons Mesolcina and Poschiavo are also Italian speaking. Grisonso is therefore also included here.


    Mesolcina and Poschiavo SWISS WINE REGIONS

    These two southern areas of Grisons, Mesolcina (also known as Misox) and Poschiavo, solely produce red wine from Merlot and several hybrid blue grape Wine regions.

  • Swiss Wine

    SWItzerland WINE

    Swiss Wine LabelSwitzerland is unbelievably beautiful with breathtaking mountains, deep valleys, lakes, picturesque towns and villages, and so much besides. However if anyone starts to discuss Swiss wine then conversation becomes animated. The opponents consider Swiss wines to be ridiculously expensive and of very modest quality. They declare that no good wine can be made from such poor grapes as Chasselas. The Swiss wine enthusiast on the other hand maintains that the authenticity of the Swiss terroir and very successful combination of soil, siting, and grape makes Swiss wine special. Furthermore, they add the Swiss do not just make white wines and their prices are a reflection of the difficult conditions under which the grapes are cultivated. Those who taste the wines objectively will find them exciting and of great class.

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