• Somontano Spanish Wine

    Somontano wine and region

    Somontano Spanish wineSomontano is the most surprising part of Aragon for connoisseurs. The Spanish vineyards of Somontano are barely 31 miles (50 km) from the Pyrenees in the province of Huesca. These Spanish wines have been made here for many years for creative French wine traders. No- one had heard of Somontano thirty years ago but today the wines are to be found everywhere with quality ranging from honest and pleasing to superb. The wine-growers of Somontano are not held back by old-fashioned and stifling traditions in wine-making so that they try all manner of experiments. The terroir and climate of Somontano offer excellent prospects for the persistent among the Spanish wine-growers. The best results are achieved with a combination of traditional grape varieties and methods with newer varieties and modern vinification techniques.

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