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    Podravje Slovenian Wine

    Wine and grapes SlovenianPodravje (Podravski Vinorodni Region) means the valley of the Drava, which is one of the two important rivers in this region. The climate here in the extreme north-east of Slovenia is continental of a Central European nature. This helps the area to produce fine, fresh, elegant, and aromatic white Slovenian wines. Podravje is also renowned for its delightful sweet wines (Pozna Trgatev, Izbor, Jagodni Izbor, Suhi Jagodni Izbor, and Ledeno Vino). Podravje borders on Hungary and Austria in the north, and Croatia to the east.

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    Kraški slovenian wine

    Slovenian WineyardsAncient and famous Kraški Teran wine originates from Karšt. This is made from Refošc grapes which are related to the Italian variety of Refosco and the wine is said according to popular belief to work as a tonic for health because of its high concentration of lactic and amino acids in the wine and the presence of iron. The colour is ruby red with glints of purple and this Slovenian wine is very fruity with hints of redcurrant in both the bouquet and taste. This is a Slovenian wine with a velvet smooth texture that is not excessively alcoholic. Drinking this Slovenian wine at 16°C (60.8°F).

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    Ljutomer Ormoske Gorice Slovenian Wine

    Slovenian wine bottlesThe white Slovenian wines from this area are certainly among the best in Europe. Unfortunately the means are not to hand to make their wines better known. The Slovenian wines from the local cooperative Jeruzalem Ormoz should have a large market potential in Europe. You are unlikely to encounter such fine Pinot Blanc (Beli Pinot) anywhere else than from Ljutomer Ormoske Gorice. The bouquet is redolent of may blossom and other white flowers, perhaps with a hint of broom, and even fruit stone liquor (Slibowitz). The taste is very fresh with elegant and refined acidity, the relationship between alcohol, body, and fruit is perfect, and the price is a gift. Drinking temperature for this Slovenian wine is 10-12°C (50-53.6°F).

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    SloveniaN Wine

    Slovenian wine toursThe north of the country is mountainous while inland is either flat or gently undulating. The farthest south-east has a beautiful stretch of coastline. The climate is central European and continental with mountain influences in the north and Mediterranean one in the south. The summers are generally quite hot and the winters cold, though not normally extremely so.

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    The small country of Slovenia has no fewer than fourteen different wine areas. These are grouped together in our website into three main areas.

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    Posavje Slovenian Wine

    Slovenian winePosavje(Posavski Vinorodni Region) means the valley of the Sava, which is the river that together with its tributaries, the Sotla, Savinja, and Krka provides the necessary moisture to this region. Posavje is situated south of Podravje, against the Croatian border. The area has a climate that is principally central European and continental but with moderating Mediterranean influences from the south, especially in Bela Krajina. Every type of this Slovenian wine is produced here from fresh to sweet, from light to moderately full-bodied, and white, rosé, and red, still or sparkling. Posavje is renowned for its excellent late harvest sweet Slovenian wines such as (Pozna Trgatev) and for Eiswein (Ledeno Vino), and others produced from grapes carefully selected such as Izbor, Jagodni Izbor, and Suhi Jagodni Izbor.

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