• Czech Wine

    Czech Republic and Wine History

    Czech WineThe Czech and Slovak Republics separated from each other quite in 1989 . Both countries have a very turbulent history behind them.

    The economic position in both countries is far from ideal, although the Czech Republic is developing rapidly. Slovakia is of greater interest as a wine producer while the Czech Republic is more of a place of pilgrimage for true beer lovers as the home of Pilsener Urquell and the true Budweiser. The Czech Republic is the origin in the town of Plzen (Pilsen) of all Pilsener type beers. Despite this, vines are also cultivated in the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia.

  • Slovakian Wine

    Slovakia Wine and Region

    Slovakia wine TokajSlovakia is much smaller than the Czech Republic and this is made more telling by the fact that about one third of the country consists of the Tatra mountains (Nizke Tatiy). Slovakia borders Poland, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The climate is continental with mountain influences, with hot dry summers and very cold winters.

    The vineyards are concentrated in two areas, in the south west near Bratislava, close to the Czech, Austrian, and Hungarian borders, and to the east of Kosice against the border with Hungary and the Ukraine. Both areas are characterised by many rivers, the Danube (Donau) and its tributaries the Váh, Nitra, and Hron in the west and Hronád, Topla, and Ondava in the east.

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