• The Netherlands Wine

    The Netherlands Wine

    the-netherlands-wineQuite a few small-scale Dutch growers in The Netherlands also make their own ‘wine’ just as the Belgian growers but much of that originates from grape extract or grapes grown under glass which falls outside the scope of this wine website.

    This The Netherlands wine that interests us is that made from grapes picked from genuine vineyards. The Netherlands has at least 100 small vineyards plus some ten larger professional scale vineyards of more than one hectare. A guild of vineyard proprietors has been in existence in The Netherlands for at least seven years. This fulfils a mainly advisory rather than controlling function.

  • Valencia town


    Valencia is one of Spain’s major cities and its largest wine-shipping port. The province surrounding the city is also called Valencia, together with the autonomía region of Valencia as provincial capital. As if that is not complicated enough, Valencia is also the name given to a DO wine area. There are two other DO territories: Utiel-Requena in Valencia province and Alicante, the province bearing its name.

    Valencia SpainThe growers of Valencia would prefer that there should be one large DO area of Valencia with three sub-regions which would be permitted to bear their own name on the label. This would enable them to use grapes harvested throughout the region so that reasonable quality could be ensured in poor years. In the best years the sub-regions would make their own wines in their own ways. The fact that this would cause monumental confusion among their consumers does not appear to have dawned on these creative Valencianos, but they continue to try to bring their plans to fruition. The growers of Utiel- Requena and Alicante of course have no time for these plans which only serve the interests of the Valencianos.

    Valencia still produces an enormous lake of vino common or vin ordinaire or plonk in the English vernacular, to the great concern of the agriculture commissioner of the European Community who is trying to reduce the enormous wine lake.


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