• Mentrida Spanish wine

    Mentrida wine and region

    Mentrida Spanish wineThis area to the south-west of Madrid (close to the small towns of Mentrida and Torrijos) was also renowned for its cheap but heavy and highly alcoholic Spanish wine which sold readily through bars and cafés in Madrid. Even after the authorities gave a quandary to the apathetic growers, who had little ambition, with DO recognition in 1960, little appeared to change among the local bodegas. It was only after nearby Madrid gained its own DO and threatened Mentrida’s market that the growers in Mentrida woke up. Since 1991 the Spanish wine making equipment has been replaced at a vigorous tempo or at least greatly improved. The Spanish wine has been somewhat amended to meet the wishes of today’s wine drinker with a lighter structure and less alcohol but above all more refinement in taste.

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