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    Macedonia – a wine country yet to be discovered

    Vranec Special Selection Macedonia WineA few of the most famous wine regions, such as Nappa Valley in California and Bordeaux in France, lie on the same geographic latitude as Tikves, the largest vine valley in the Republic of Macedonia. This valley is a part of the Central wine region, or better known as Povardarie, and together with the East and West wine regions, it marks the territory where this small country in the Balkan and European south grow vine.

    The tradition of growing vine in Macedonia dates back from ancient times. Undoubtedly, thanks to its natural conditions, as Macedonia is the place where the continental climate from the North meets with the Mediterranean climate from the South, resulting in moderate and mild winters, and long, dry summers with gentle breeze. Such climate, combined with various soil compositions, including alluvial, volcano or terra rosa soils, creates conditions for growing more than 50 types of grapes. Internationally recognized varieties, such as Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon… successfully grow in Macedonia, just as the varieties that the world is yet to discover, Kratoshija, Stanushina, Temjanika, Vranec, Rkatsiteli… The fact that many of these international varieties have local names speaks of how long the tradition of wine making is. So, when in Macedonia you are offered Belan, and you recognize the flavor of Grenache Blanc, or, if you recognize Pinot Noir in a glass of Burgundec, or, you taste Primitivo or Zifandel while drinking Kratoshija, do not be confused.

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