• Ampurdán-Costa Brava Spanish Wine

    Ampurdán-Costa Brava Region

    Castillo de Perelada Cava Spanish WineThis is the most northerly DO of Catalonia, situated at the foot of the Pyrenees, bordering directly with France. The Catalans call this Emporda-Costa Brava. The area is delineated to the north and west by the Pyrenees and to the east and south east by the Mediterranean. Emporda-Costa Brava once produced sweet, syrupy and heavily oxidised wine such as Penedes. Because of dwindling demand for such wines a major changeover started about 25 years ago. Today Ampurdan-Costa Brava produces excellent, modern, light, and above all fresh wines, which are eagerly bought by the holiday-makers that visit the beaches of Costa Brava, but are also increasingly finding their way to wine lovers abroad. The area has held DO status since 1975.

  • Ampurdán-Costa Brava Spanish Wines

    Ampurdán-Costa Brava Wines

    Rose and Cabernet Sauvignon Spanish winesThe majority of wines from Ampurdan-Costa Brava are still rosados made with Garnatxa, frequently supplemented with Cariñena. In addition, both white and red Spanish wines are made here and some excellent Cavas. The largest local producers, the Perelada Group (Cavas del Ampurdan and Castillo de Perelada) have advanced and established the Ampurdan-Costa Brava DO over the years. It is due to this group that this DO has become an established name throughout the world. If you visit the region then in any event visit Castillo de Perelada in the the Ampurdan region. The castle of Perelada is the historical and commercial heart of Perelada and it contains very impressive wine cellars that are centuries old, together with a superb glass and wine museum, to view by appointment.

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