The vineyards of Binissalem are situated on Majorca’s high plateau above Palma. The soil consists of chalk with some clay but is well drained. The Balearic climate is typically Mediterranean with warm moist summers and mild winters. The choice of grape varieties is very interesting for a Spanish wine. The native Manto Negro, Callet (red) and Moll (white), are blended as required with Spanish varieties such as Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo) or Monastrell (both red) and Macabeo and Perellada (both, white).

The bianco and rosado Spanish wines are fresh and light and need to be drunk while young. A few bodegas are trying out maturing their white wine in oak barrels, with varying degrees of success. Drinking temperature for bianco and rosado Spanish wine 50-53.6°F (10-12°C).


Binissalem Spanish Wine


The tintos are certainly more alcoholic than the blancos and rosados. Try the typical Crianza and Reserva of Jose L. Ferrer (Bodega Franja Roja) or the Crianza of Herederos de Hermanos Ribas. It will be necessary to visit Majorca to try these wines because only small amounts are made and non is exported. Drink these Spanish wines 60.8°F /16°C (or lower by choice to 57.2°F /14°C.)