Tacoronte-Acentejo is best known for its red wines but some white and rosé is also produced. The local bodegas have modernised in rapid tempo in recent years and the wines are improving as a result.

The whites, mainly produced with Listán Blanco sometimes mixed with Gual or Malvasia, are fresh, honest wines with character. Drink them as an aperitif or with seafood. Drinking temperature for this Spanish wine is 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C).

Tacoronte Acentejo Logo WineThe rosé wines of Listán Negro are extremely fresh and fruity (raspberries), dry, and intensely flavoured. Drinking temperature for this Spanish wine is 50-53.6°F (10-12°C).

The reds are generally of the vino joven type for early consumption by tourists. These are fresh, fruity, and easily drunk, with lightly-flavoured meat dishes for example. Can you drink this Spanish wine at 53.6-57.2°F (12-14°C).

The best red wine is cask aged in American oak which imparts more roundness, finesse, and herbal nose, with a hint of humus, to the wines that are usually made from Negramoll and Listan Negro. This is an ideal Spanish wine for more robust meat dishes. Drinking temperature for this Spanish wine is 57.2- 60.8°F (14- 16°C).