The more modem Seco (dry) is very elegant and full- bodied and possesses much character for a Spanish wine. It often smells of hay, herbs, wild mint, and flowers. Alcohol: 14-16%. Drink this Spanish wine as an aperitif at 50-53.6°F (10-12°C).

The traditional Semi-Dulce or Dulce Malvasia is darker coloured and reminiscent of apples, wild mint, and hay. It can be drunk as an aperitif at 57.2- 60.8°F (14- 16°C) or at room temperature.

The Moscatel of La Palma is excellent. This sweet Spanish wine with alcohol of 15-22% is very fruity and has a fine balance between sweet and sharp taste. Drinking temperature for this Spanish wine is 46.4- 50.0°F (8-10°C). Currently modem-style rosé and red wines are also being made from a wide variety and quality of grapes. Ignore the cheaper ones and choose instead one of the better ones. The reds of Negramoll are generally the better Spanish wines. Drink them in local restaurants if you are visiting.

One local curiosity is the Vino de Tea which is similar to a Greek retsina. This Spanish wine is available as white, rosé, and red and is actually a Crianza wine that has been cask aged for six months in Canarian pine which gives the wine an individual, elegant, and fresh resinous taste.