In view of the price of most of these French wines the preference might be for one of the very exclusive first growth wines, but the Cru Bourgeois can be greatly enjoyed, especially with local dishes. Drinking temperature for Pauillac French wine: 17- 18°C (62.6- 64.4°F).

 Pauillac Grand Cru Classe French wine


The vineyards of St Julien are to be found slightly to the south of Pauillac, concentrated around the twin centres of St Julien and Beychevelle. There are few small estates here. Almost all chateaux are owned by big companies. The area of St -Julien lies more or less in the heart of the Haut-Medoc and is subdivided into two smaller areas: that of St Julien Beychevelle in the north, and the other of Beychevelle in the south. Both areas have soils that are predominantly gravel with some pebbles. The main differences between the terroirs of St Julien are related to the distance from the river. The closer to the river, the more mild is the microclimate. The French vineyards of St Julien are well-protected from flooding of the Gironde by the main hill ridges.

The French wines of St Julien are somewhat less robust and powerful than those of its northern neighbour St Estephe. It is a wonderful ruby red colour, very aromatic, juicy, well-balanced, full and rounded, rich and elegant. In short it has much charm which is widely prized throughout the world.

Unfortunately this has a big influence on the price and these appear to climb continuously. Certain characteristic aromas are: cherry, blackcurrant, pepper, freshly-sliced peppers (paprika), spices, animal overtones, leather, vanilla, toast, hazelnut, and menthol. Drinking temperature for St Juline French wine: 17- 18°C (62.6- 64.4°F).