The small area with its own appellation does not have anyJirst growth (Grand Cru) class appellations but it is still distinguished by the quality of its wines. Listrac is the 'roof' of the Medoc with its hills of 43 metres (141 feet) high! The underlying ground here consists of a combination of gravel and chalkbearing

strata, which ensure good drainage. The grapes ripen less quickly here than in the previously mention areas, due to the presence of countless woods and the chill northerly winds. This French wine is full, rounded, fleshy, velvet smooth, and broad. Its tannin enables it to be kept for some time. Drink this Listrac-Medoc French wine at: 17-18°C (62.6- 64.4°F).



The French vineyards of Moulis are about half-way between Margaux and St Julien, in the interior of the HautMedoc, on a mixture of gravel and calciferous soil. Anyone who has drunk a top quality Moulis probably feels inclined to revise the Grand Cru classifications of 1855. This French wine is a dark ruby red colour with an amazing assortment of aromas, and a very full taste that is complex and powerful. The level of tannin enables Moulis to be laid down for some time. The relationship between quality, price, and pleasure is highly gratifying. Drinking temperature for Moulis French wine: 17- 18°C (62.6- 64.4°F) .