Those who search can find indications of former civilisations in both Potenza and the second town of Montera. The ancient Greeks and Romans have left a considerable monument to their presence behind and this is equally true in wine-growing. For instance the only DOC wine bears the name of the ancient Grecian Hellenico grape, known in Italian as Aglianico.



Anglianico del Vulture WineThe name of Vulture is derived from an extinct volcano near Potenza. The soil on the slopes of the extinct volcano are extremely suitable for growing vines which face the sun and therefore soak up the maximum sunshine. If this wine was produced anywhere else in Italy it would almost certainly be granted the top status for Italian wines. Despite this Aglianico del Vulture is still a superlative wine.

The colour varies from ruby red to granite red with hints of orange with age. The bouquet is fairly subtle and characteristic of this Italian wine. The taste is a full one and fresh, and powerful when the wine is young. With age the taste mellows into more juice. This Italian wine is dry to slightly sweet. The better wines are aged in casks for longer and possess more body and alcohol. The Vecchio must be at least three years old and a Riserva not less than five. Drinking temperature for this red Italian wine is 14-16°C (57.2-60.8°F) but 16-17°C (60.8-62.6°F) for a Riserva Italian wine. A somewhat strange Aglianico Spumante Naturale is also made.