A Union Grand Cru should have facilities for welcoming visitors in a way which reflects the tradition of hospitality associated with Bordeaux’s wine-growing châteaux.

The name of the cru has been sanctioned by history and cannot be dissociated from its terroir, it is guaranteed by the name stamped on the cases, corks, capsules, and labels.”



Originally from Portets, the Gaubert family made its for-tune in the shipping industry during the eighteenth century. In 1796, the merchant Gaubert decided to enlarge his country house and create a large vineyard. He hired the architect Gabriel Durand, a colleague of Victor Louis, architect of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. Durand kept the original eighteenth-century architecture, enlarged the house and in the park built a number of outbuildings for the production of wine from the estate.

Vieux Chateau Gaubert WineLocated in the center of Portets, this residence could easily have been demolished. Luckily for the commune and the Graves region, it was listed as a historic building and acquired by Dominique Haverlan, which allowed the building to be saved and the vineyard restored. A wine-grower’s son and himself a grower, Dominique Haverlan studied oenology in depth before creating his own vine-yard within the family property in 1981. He bought, rented, grouped together and planted several parcels or land with a total surface area of about twenty hectares in Portets and Beautiran.

By 1983, his vineyard had outgrown the family property’s facilities and he transferred the vinification to magnificent storehouses on an old wine-growing estate. He created a cellar for maturing the wines in oak casks, which increased their quality. In 1988, the acquisition of Vieux Chateau Gaubert and its restoration gave the property a more prestigious image which fits perfectly with the wines it produces. With their styles and qualities—the reds have an intense, full, and rich nose, while the whites are powerful, ample, velvety, and fruity—these wines are among the most representative of the Graves AOC.