Pauillac (A.O.C.) Bordeaux Wine

From ancient times to the early twentieth century Pauillac was a thriving port thanks to its location halfway between the city of Bordeaux and the mouth of the Gironde. Many ships stopped here before heading towards Bordeaux or out to sea. Today, because the means of transport have changed, “all that remains is the evidence and the memory,” as Bernard Ginestet wrote in his book on Pauillac wines. Vines have grown here since the end of the Middle Ages, and spread bit by bit during the centuries that followed. But it was the creation of major estates in the early seventeenth, then the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, that gave the region its current renown.

Pauillac Bordeaux WineThe soil of this AOC is made up of gravelly outcrops in the north and south, partly separated by the Pibran marsh. Their remarkable contours distinguish this terroir of Garonne gravel, which is fairly sandy and, therefore, well drained. This commune contains eighteen classified growths, more than any other appellation. Among these are three First Growths: Lafite Rothschild, Latour, and Mouton Rothschild (classified in 1973). These eighteen crus account for eighty-four percent of the Pauillac AOC production!

Pauillac wines are among the most famous of the Medoc. They are powerful, intensely fruity, refined, and distinguished. Potent in their youth, the berry and flower aromas (blackcurrant, raspberry, violet, rose, iris) soften with time to a delicate bouquet. Rich and complex, the wines age particularly well. True gourmets like to postpone the pleasure of drinking them, and are richly rewarded.