The property consists of 118 hectares, of which 100 are devoted to wine-growing. Complementing the quality of the soils and of the vineyard are the best growing and harvesting techniques: the grapes are harvested bunch by bunch, so that only those affected by noble rot, or Botrytis cinerea, are picked.

Guiraud wine stands out for its generosity, elegance, perfect balance, and highly developed bouquet. With age it grows more refined while keeping its structure, and becomes extremely delicate.


Haut-Brion Bordeaux Wine

Haut Brion Bordeaux wineA great cru in the city. It was in the Graves region, very near Bordeaux but outside its walls, that Jean de Pontac created the wine-growing estate Château Haut-Brion in 1525. The north wing of the existing château was built in 1550. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, his descendants applied patient technological research to produce a new type of wine, which became a model for great Bordeaux wines. These efforts allowed Arnaud de Pontac, as early as 1660, to identify and personalize his production. From this period onwards, the wines of Pontac and later Haut-Brion were hugely successful in London. Bordeaux’s first great cru was born. The first to set the standard, Haut-Brion has maintained its reputation throughout its history, which also belongs to the history of Bordeaux and of France. Illustrious figures have left their mark on Haut-Brion: admirals, a bishop, a Marshal of France, a governor of Guyenne, three mayors of Bordeaux, Charles- Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord while he was foreign minister for the Consulate and Empire, and more recently the American ambassador to Paris, Clarence Douglas Dillon, who was also the American minister of finance under John F. Kennedy. For nearly four centuries the owners and managers of Haut-Brion have been obsessed with maintaining the quality of its wines. A First Growth can never fall behind technologically, nor ever make mistakes. Honored with first place, it owes it to itself to hold on to the title.

During the 1960s Haut-Brion was the first of the great crus to innovate with new stainless steel fermentation vats; today it is the first to improve the grape varieties it uses by patient and laborious selection. Classified a Gironde First Growth in 1855, Château Haut-Brion became a Pessac-Leognan First Growth in 1973.