Today, the white wines of Entre-deux-Mers are exclusively dry. Most often made with Sauvignon, Sernillon and Muscadelle, they have a brilliant pale gold color. These are fruity , agreeably perfumed, refined, elegant, and flavorful wines. They are usually drunk young to appreciate their full fruit and vigor.

White wines from the towns of Targon, Ladaux, Soulignac, Canto is, Escoussans, Arbis, Saint-Pierre-de-Bat, Gornac, and Mourens can use the Entre-deux-Mers-Haut-Benauge AOC. Their production requirements are identical to those of the Entre-deux-Mers AOC. Red wines from this region are entitled only to the Bordeaux or Bordeaux Superieur AOC.


Escurac Bordeaux Wine

Château Escurac's eleventh-century chapel displays evidence of the property's long winemaking tradition. In 1839, a journal devoted to the special interests of the Gironde's wine-growing properties wrote of this cru: "From the time we started to classify the wines of the Gironde, we have considered those of M. Pepin d'Escurac to be a Médoc Fifth Growth; we will keep them there because in our opinion they deserve it, even if this overly timorous owner wished to be reduced to the category of good bourgeois

wines ... "

Even if the category of Fifth Growth at that time would correspond to a Médoc Bourgeois Superieur today, this opinion reveals the quality of Château Escurac's terroir. The vineyard is located on one of the highest hilltops of the Médoc and is characterized by a high proportion of deep gravel. Planted with a harmonious mix of the Médoc's main grape varieties, it is cultivated using the best techniques.

The owner has installed excellent equipment: a cuvier and storehouse for barrels. Under close supervision, the meeting of modern vinification techniques and traditional maturation gives the wine finesse, bouquet, and distinction.



Frarernittied Boredeaux WineIn the Gironde, throughout France and abroad, fraternities organize exclusive gatherings which might seem quaint to some but which have an essential goal: to encourage consumers to discover and rediscover the region's many appellations, and to enhance the image of Bordeaux wine.

All the fraternities take part in group activities under the auspices of the Grand Conseil du Vin de Bordeaux (Great Council of Bordeaux Wine). Francis Fouquet, Grand Master and President of the Great Council, gives this definition of their role: "Certainly we wish to promote Bordeaux wines, but our thoughts run deeper: to bring together men and women who, across the world, share the same conceptions of education and quality of life."

There are nineteen Bordeaux wine fraternities in the Gironde, the oldest of which is the Jurade de Sainr-Ernilion, founded in 1948 .