used, bur because this rype of winemaking is specific to Champagne, the expression is now reserved for wines with the Champagne AOC. Beyond the label itself, real efforts that have gone into the making of Crémant de Bordeaux have helped win over consumers who appreciate lively, fresh, fruity wines and attractive presentation.



It is important to make a distinction between two ideas fundamental to me concept of cru in Bordeaux. The first, cru, refers to me whole production entity: the vineyards, cellars, and a residence. Inseparable from this production entity is the wine brand, which should be the only name to include terms such as "château," "do maine," or "clos."

Bur since the marker requires mar brands be purely commercial, many brands (lower-quality wines, distributors' brands, etc.) use terms such as "Château,' thus continuing to create confusion in the customer's mind .


Ducru Beaucaillou Bordeaux Wine

Chateau Ducru Bordeaux WineClassified as a Second Growth in 1855, Château Beaucaillou is usually called Ducru-Beaucaillou, after its former owner, Monsieur Ducru. Its history, like that of all the great growths of the Médoc, goes back to the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century. During the Revolution, Monsieur Bergeron was the owner. Narhaniel Johnsron, one of a well-known family of Bordeaux wine merchants, bought the property from the Ducru-Ravez families in 1866.

The Johnstons greatly improved me property. They kept up with technical progress, surrounded themselves with highly competent staff, and called on excellent architects. The Victorian rowers on each side of the Directoire facade were built during this era.

In 1929 the property was acquired by Monsieur Desbarars-de-Burke, who sold it twelve years later to Francis Borie. His grandchildren and their families are the current owners. The aptly named vineyard "beaux cailloux" (beautiful pebbles) is located on 50 hectares of beautiful gravelly outcrops running parallel to the Gironde, and belongs to the Saint-Julien AOC. A magnificent park with centuries-old trees extends towards the river. Great attention is paid to the wine, which receives constant and meticulous care. No detail is overlooked to produce the finest quality. Many specialists consider Ducru-Beaucaillou to be the quintessence of Bordeaux wines, and especially of the Médoc.