Abruzzi wine region

The region of Abruzzi (Abruzzi is the plural of Abruzzo) is bounded in the north by The Marche, to the west by Lazio, and to the south by Molise. The eastern boundary is formed by the Adriatic. Except for a small strip of land along the coast, the rest of Abruzzi consists of hills, mountains, and valleys. The climate varies from Mediterranean on the coast to continental in the mountains. The best place for cultivating vines has to be chosen with the utmost care. These lie to the north and south of the only true town of Abruzzi, which is Pescara, situated in the valley of the river Pescara. The vineyards sit at the foot of the imposing mountains known as Gran Sasso and Montagna della Maiella. Only two DOC wines originate from this region.

Abruzzo Italy map